Quick, easy and modular solutions for commercial and technical support following the Ethics & Compliance requirements.


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A company dedicated to business development and management.

If you need commercial representation, technical support, development of local suppliers, identification of acquisition targets, want to learn more about how to make and manage business in Brazil or maybe you are just planning to explore some local markets and customers, get in contact with us. We have solutions that will meet your needs.


Brazil is plenty of opportunities, however specific cultural and political aspects, tax and legal requirements have to be analyzed and understood by foreign companies willing to sell or invest in the country. Local agents are very helpful in this process. A contracted local office is an important step towards successful business with an efficient cost structure.


Business Management means staying close to your customers, among other important aspects. Having an off-shore representation allows you to understand the local market in transformation. It will give your company a chance to learn faster what works and what does not help in negotiations with Brazilian companies. It may give you the opportunity to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Despite we are in a globally connected world, a local presence, a person who speaks the native language and understands the cultural aspects is a key factor for the success.


A variety of different solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of your company.

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We have been providing our services to customers located in different regions of Brazil and in foreign countries, always taking into account cultural, geographic, political and logistics aspects.




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