Reasons for developing Local Suppliers in Brazil

Why foreign companies search for local suppliers

  • Requirements of local customers that contractually demand local content even not being governmental companies.

  • Governmental demands when your products and services will be sold to state-owned companies or the Brazilian Armed Forces.
    • Interest of foreign companies to be close of their clients in Brazil through the final assembly performed locally or even through a specialized technical support available in the country.
    • Local suppliers may help foreign enterprises to reduce its costs, make viable lower levels of stock, allow the implementation of Just in Time and speed up the technical support and repair eventually.

      The development of suppliers in Brazil allows foreign companies to take advantage of an already established and complete suppliers base which offers different technologies such as, but not limited to:

      • Machined parts
      • Precision mechanical assemblies
      • Shot peening, surface treatment and non-destructive tests
      • Stamped parts (sheet metal)
      • Composites
      • Tooling
      • Nanotechnology
      • Engineering
      • Aircraft floors
      • Aircraft interiors & soft goods
        • Interiors for boats and yachts
        • Aeronautical and maritime protection covers
        • Software and systems development
        • Plastic injection
        • Support for on-site aircraft maintenance
        • Aircraft Entry Into Service support
        • Automation in food, beverage, steel and automotive industries, among other segments
        • Equipment Protection (grid for machinery and protection modules for conveyer belts)

          Positive outcomes of a local supply chain:

          • Manufacturing cost reduction
          • Lower inventories
            • just in time delivery
            • Brazilian content (governmental requirement or off-set demand)

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